As a crew manager for Schumacher Brothers Fencing, I acquired a vast amount of fencing experience over the last 12 years. Although I am shifting my focus to seed and soil health, I still will continue to carry a full line of fencing products. Over the years I have seen the entire range of quality in products from the worst to the best, and after miles and miles of each, I have sorted out the brands that I have grown to trust and put my name on.


CuNap Posts

These posts have become the brand that I trust most when it comes to barb wire fencing. They start with guaranteed southern yellow pine lumber, which is undisputedly the highest quality post material. Every post is pressure treated with Copper Napthenate, a safe, unrestricted use pesticide that still has an 85 year life in high rot zones. These posts look like your typical creosote post but the treatment does not ooze out of the post like creosote posts. They are very clean, sturdy and long lasting posts that I recommend most often.

Penta Posts

If you are looking for a high quality, but more affordable post, then penta posts may be what you are looking for. Pentachlorophenol is one of the best treatments available, and all posts are pressure treated as well. Lumber is southern yellow or red pine and are a great option for a long lasting post if you are building a fence on a budget.

Red Brand Wire

We only carry one brand of barb wire, and that is Red Brand. We have experimented with nearly every other brand available, but each and every one has let us down at one time or another. Red Brand is dependable and very consistent when it comes to stretching it. It does require some extra care when handling it, as the barbs are much sharper than other brands on the market, but once installed it is there to stay.


If you decide that a Stockade staple gun is not for you, we still carry Bekaert staples. They are double barbed and available 1 ½ to 2 inches. Also contact me about my solutions for deadmen, gates and corner cross pieces.