Golden Harvest has over 25 corn hybrids that fit the growing environment we have in north central Nebraska. Pair this with the most effective trait packages on the market and you will have high yielding potential in every field. No two fields are the same though, so please contact me to set up a visit and create a portfolio that will deliver the highest productivity to your entire farm.

Golden harvest soybeans offer unbeatable yield potential in our area. Powerful genetics cover a wide range of relative maturities, and can be paired with multiple traits to fit any fields individual needs. Syngenta also offers industry leading seed treatment options to ensure uniform emergence and vibrant early growth.

Golden Harvest is the only corn in the industry to offer the Enogen trait in its hybrids. The Enogen trait causes plants to produce amylase enzyme in every kernel. This enzyme is essential in ethanol production, so plants that use Enogen corn are willing to pay a substantial premium for every bushel, premiums that can add up to $100 per acre! New research has shown potential gains of feeding Enogen corn to cattle. The same amylase enzyme that is used in ethanol production has shown some impressive improvements in digestion efficiency in cattle, up to 15 % in some studies. Here is a small introductory video about how Enogen works in cattle feeding operations; , but please contact me for a more in depth explanation about this exciting opportunity to improve your bottom line!